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While growing up Riccardo Delfino obtained a classical music education by learning to play the piano and the cello. After he had finished school he started to take an interest in the traditional music of Europe. This interest lead him to the medieval routes of occidental music. He has been working as a freelance musician concentrating on early music for 30 years. On top of that he is an internationally accredited expert and sought-after in this field.

In the context of the growing interest for historical music and its instruments in the eighties Riccardo Delfino became one of the pioneers of medieval music and music of the renaissance. He was substantially involved in the revival of the hurdy-gurdy and historical harps, especially their repertoires and playing techniques.

During the first decade of his working life he worked as a street-musician and by doing so he gained a lot of experience whilst doing research on the traditional music of Europe, its instruments which date back to medieval times and their playing techniques. At the age of 21 he co-founded the ensemble “Oni Wytars”. Even today the ensemble still gives concerts and is seen as one of the most respected ensembles for early music on international ground. His very first own instruments were built by him. He then visited musicians and instrument manufacturers all over Europe to exchange information and develop new playing techniques. While studying early music at the music academy of Gothenburg he increase the depth of his knowledge, learned theoretical basics and gained broad experience by playing in various ensembles. He played at medieval markets, wrote solo recitals and started giving more and more concerts. After having taken part in the seminar for Waldorf Education in Stuttgart and having learnt educational principles he achieved the status of certified music teacher.

In the second decade of his working life he concentrated on giving concerts. Together with famous ensembles for early music he played concerts on big stages and at festivals in Europe, in the Near-East, in North Africa and North America. During this time he began his extensive producing of records which are already over 80 up till now. Moreover he concentrated on pursuing his professional activity as a lecturer for special courses in adult education and as a private tutor for music education. He also wrote an extensive method for the hurdy-gurdy, which has established itself as a standard reference work.

During the third decade Riccardo Delfino continued his artistic work as concert and studio musician. Due to a professional reorientation he cut back on travelling. He expanded his educational work as a private tutor for music education, as a music school teacher at a Gesamtschule (equivalent to a secondary school) and as a lecturer at vocational training centres. Besides that, he worked with the computer and learned the basics of music editing, digital notation and extensive knowledge in image editing, design and web design.

By founding AFFETTO MUSICALE in the 2011 Riccardo Delfino wants to extend these services and his extensive knowledge and lastly share his experience.

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